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block "next visit" Semilac 50 psc
block "next visit" Semilac  50 psc
Take care of your customers and make them feel special. So that they do not forget about the next visit, write her date and time on a charming note that you can give to the client.The block contains 50 cards
Cuticle Sticks Semilac Quality - 10pcs
Cuticle Sticks Semilac Quality - 10pcs
Sticks from camphor tree. On the one hand, ended with a spike and on the other with a hoof to help repel skins. Comfortable and light to use.
Manicure sticks are indispensable in the work of every manicurist.Sticks from camphor tree are great for sliding off the skin during manicure and pedicure. The stick ends with two different tips with a spike and an elongated spatula.They allow for convenient pushing the cuticles of the nail plate from the cuticles, cleaning the surface under the fingernail, as well as the nail shaft.Also used for decorating.
Semilac Pump Dispensers for Nail Cleaner 150 ml
A bottle with a Semilac pump that will moisten a cotton pads swab with a degreaser for your nails. It is a very convenient way to quickly and without spilling the liquid moisten a cotton pads swab you just need to press. The bottle can be used for various lotions.
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Semilac Glue for transfer foil 7 ml
Semilac Transfer Foil Glue is a special gel designed for decorating nails with a transfer foil.The gel can be applied to the entire nail or create any patterns. Thanks to the large dispersion of the gel, even the smallest details of styling will be perfectly reflected on the nail.The gel is very efficient and its medium-thick consistency prevents the product from flowing onto the cuticles during application.Designed to be cured in any LED, UV or UV / LED lamp.