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Semilac Fiber Base 7ml
Semilac Fiber Base, fiber base strengthening nails 7ml
A strong base in a milky shade with nylon fibers for special tasks, which you can also extend nails up to 1 cm.
It stands out from other bases in that it has nylon fibers that strengthen the nail - strengthens the unstable structure and prevents further damage. It is worth noting that the base is flexible and the hardened one turns out to be strong and hard. Another advantage of this base is that it is self-leveling.
On sale!-40%
Care Base Semilac 7ml
Care Base Semilac 7ml
The regeneration-supporting base enriched with keratin, biotin and vitamin E is the best friend of weakened, thin and brittle nails.
It also allows the superstructure and extension of the nail up to 10 mm. Thanks to the medium thick consistency, our base is easy to apply. Its advantage is also a transparent shade of pudding pink - it can be used as a foundation for any hybrid varnish or apply a top directly on it, which allows you to get the effect of a natural manicure.

We created our new Semilac Care Base to help regenerate weak, thin and brittle nails. We have enriched it with biotin, keratin, vitamin E and nylon fibers that entwine and fill the nail plate. Thanks to this, a protective layer is created on its surface, which protects it against mechanical damage, splitting and breaking.