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Spider Gum 05 pink neon gel for decorations Semilac
Spider Gum 05 pink neon gel for decorations Semilac
There is a unique, pink Semilac Spider Gum nail art gel in front of you, with which you can conjure up infinitely many ideas for manicure styling!The gel is incredibly efficient, and the thick, rubber-like formula is easily applied to the surface of the nail.It is a great product for beginners or for those who are afraid of brush decorations. With Semilac Spider Gum, perfect lines and patterns can be yours! This is a quick and effective method to add a truly phenomenal decoration to any manicure styling.Semilac Spider Gum in an unusual, pink color will complement any manicure styling, unique color and perfect lines. This slightly neon proposal will add reflections to dark colors, and it can even play the first fiddle on light shades. The color of this gel is not only reserved for great occasions. Especially in summer you can afford neon colors, which are a real hit of this season!Thin and straight lines, or maybe rounded? The choice is yours! You can also combine the pink color with the other shades of Semilac Spider Gum, thus obtaining further decoration options. We are interested in what original composition you will choose? Armed with Semilac Spider Gum, set off to conquer the manicure! Let the power of colorful lines be with you !