Claresa GEL POLISH Marshmallow 10 - 5g
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Claresa GEL POLISH Marshmallow 10 - 5g

Claresa GEL POLISH Marshmallow 10 - 5g

COLOR: a shade of blue with the addition of attractive black particles.

Cloudless sky, clear water color, peace and harmony... blue always arouses positive emotions in us. A unique mani in the color of a clear sky is now at your fingertips with Marshmallow 10 nail polish. Will you be tempted to try it?

Can there be too much sweetness? This season - definitely not! If you are of the same opinion, welcome spring with the Marshmallow collection. Choose your favorite polishes from 14 shades that will surprise you with their charm and perfect coverage. Lots of new colors, interesting effects, new experiences - this is the Marshmallow collection.


     ◉ Seamless application, no flooding of skins
     ◉ intense shine
     ◉ ideal, medium density
     ◉ safe for nails and hands
     ◉ durability up to 3 weeks
     ◉ Capacity: 5g


Apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish on the previously cured Claresa hybrid base and cure it in the UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, you can repeat the action. Secure the styling by applying and curing TOP Clares.


     ◉ UV LED lamp 6 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 9 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 48 W – 30 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 60 W – 15 sec.
     ◉ UV lamp 36 W – 120 sec.

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